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There are benefits to life in North Charleston. ", Assistant Professor of Economics at Brown University, Massachusetts Chapter Leader, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The following summaries show the safest cities overall, the safest large cities, and the most dangerous cities from the analysis and their total and per capita cost of crime. As the sun sets in St. Louis each day, MOST of the city's hard working, church going, community loving people are safe. Andrea Fox is Editor of and Senior Editor at Lexipol. It still has great cultural significance, in events like the, Population: 393,779Rank Last Year: 7 (Down 3)Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,324 (15th most dangerous)Property Crimes Per 100k: 4,539 (23rd most dangerous)More on New Orleans: Data|Crime|Cost Of Living, Next 10 CitiesBreaking Down Crime In The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities In AmericaMethodology: How We Determined The Most Dangerous Cities In America for 2022Every year the FBI release two crime datasets, a preliminary dataset limited to the biggest cities in the country, followed by a more detailed release at the end of the year.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'roadsnacks_net-small-square-1','ezslot_24',715,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-roadsnacks_net-small-square-1-0');For our analysis, we focused on the second release of 2019 data, specifically the Uniform Crime Report.So what criteria did we use? Stream on up to 4 devices at the same time. It's true. The issue here is property crimes -- Springfield ranks as having the 2nd worst property crime per capita of any city in the country. Risks are changing because of climate change and this index doesnt seem to address that, Ropeik said. It turns out that, based on the most recent FBI Crime data, St. Louis, MO has attained the throne of the city with the highest crime rate. That figure includes 38 murders. OAKLAND, Calif. - The results of an annual report about the 10 safest and the 10 most dangerous big cities in America is out and two Bay Area cities are on the lists. Overall, Ohio's violent crime rate is pretty low compared to most states, (ranking eighth lowest out of 50), so you should feel pretty safe living in the Buckeye State! (But we need to add a disclaimer, here: Hocking Hills is truly one of the most magnificent areas of the Buckeye State, and there are numerous accessible and family-friendly hikes in the park worth seeking out!). Three other Washington suburban counties rank among the lowest risks for larger counties, along with suburban Boston, Long Island, suburban Detroit and Pittsburgh. Read all Stars Mitch Ryan Alessandro Bianchi This may be called Tools or use an icon like the cog. ET Online #10 Sudan. Spending her life in Los Angeles, Morgan Andersen knows . The year 2013 saw three fatal falls from the cliffs in Hocking Hills; 2017 saw one; and 2019 saw at least three more. Murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants. The day before he said that, New York had a tornado watch. 72 Dangerous Places to Live 6 x 60 Factual Series AS SEEN ON PLANET EARTH IS FULL OF DANGER! Read on for a bit more on why these cities have such high crime rates.Or check out the safest cities in America.Summary: The Most Dangerous Cities In The USThe final returns from the FBI's data set show that Memphis ranks as the most dangerous city in America for 2022.However, there will be a new data set coming out early this year. According to the Global Peace Index, Sudan is the 10th most dangerous country with a score of 3.007. In general, Oklahoma is twice as likely to get tornadoes as New York City, but the damage potential is much higher in New York because there are 20 times the people and nearly 20 times the property value at risk, FEMA officials said. Aside from the imminent danger of crime, people living in higher crime areas see depressed home values and pay higher prices for crucial needs, including home insurance, renters insurance and auto insurance. You can download the data here. High crime rates are to blame; the biggest danger in Mount Healthy is property crime, which ranks as the eighth highest in Ohio. Chasing Chains, LLC. Explore the top 10 most dangerous cities lists in the four U.S. regions: The top 10 most dangerous cities in region 4, and their populations, are: The top 10 most dangerous cities in region 3, and their populations, are: Cities in Delaware, Mississippi, North Carolina, West Virginia and Texas and Washington D.C. did not report. Lastly, MoneyGeek used data provided via Wikipedia on the number and nature of mass shootings in the United States in 2021. With a population of just over 70,000, both property crime and violent crime were high in 2019 compared to population size, coming in at 1,398 violent crimes and a staggering 5,292 property crimes. Were bad at taking seriously risks that happen only infrequently, said David Ropeik, a retired Harvard risk communications lecturer and author of How Risky Is It, Really? We simply dont fear them as much as we fear things that are more present in our consciousness, more common. Get up close and personal with avalanches, fiery volcanoes and other natural cataclysms, and learn why some choose to live in their destructive paths. 72 Cutest Animals; 72 Dangerous Places to Live; GT Hunters; Wimp 2 Warrior; 72 Dangerous Places to Live. Per 1,000 they have just 58.1 crimes a year - 24.1 of which are violent. As they turn a fictional restaurant into reality, they must find a recipe for healing. Overall, Ohio's violent crime rate is pretty low compared to most states, (ranking eighth lowest out of 50), so you should feel pretty safe living in the Buckeye State! Or check out the safest cities in America. It ranked as the most dangerous city in America for 2022 based on the data. This new tool, based on calculations by 80 experts over six years, is about educating homeowners and renters and communities to be more resilient, FEMA's Grimm said, adding that people shouldnt move into or out of a county because of the risk rating. "One often overlooked indicator of that inequality is who gets to engage in the politics of safety. Best Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation, Best Personal Loans with Low-Interest Rates, Best Personal Loans with Low-Income Limits, Student Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation, any single incident in which four or more people are shot, standardized crime statistics reported to the FBI, number and nature of mass shootings in the United States in 2021, The Cost of Crime to Society: New Crime-Specific Estimates for Policy and Program Evaluation, List of mass shootings in the United States in 2021, Kathryn E. McCollister, Michael T. French and Hal Fang. Afghanistan with a score of 3.554 on the GPI, was the most dangerous country in the world for the 5th year in a row. Let us know! Full Series: every season & episode. Documentary From poisonous water to poisonous dunes, polluted air, flooding, earthquakes and rising sea levels, 72 Most Dangerous Places to Live provides a depiction of life on Earth, and some of the locals who live there. Thus, numerous cities with populations of 100,000 didnt report their 2017 crime data, or stopped reporting to the voluntary UCR system after 2016, such as Jersey City, New Jersey. Everest. The population of each city was added to the analysis to determine crime rates per 100,000 people, and this information was also accessed via data provided by the FBI. A group of young adults share their last week of teens and first week of twenties together experiencing freedom and all the firsts of adulthood. India ranked as the fifth most dangerous place to live in (on global ranking). Substance abuse and socioeconomic issues are the biggest two problems here. fox 2 news anchor husband dies; 72 most dangerous places to live full list. After being banned for doping, Olympic medalist race walker Alex Schwazer enlists one of his accusers to help him make a comeback. "There's a lot more heterogeneity in these patterns that we just can't measure.". Population: 562,065Rank Last Year: 5 (Down 2)Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,343 (14th most dangerous)Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,012 (12th most dangerous)More on Albuquerque: Data|Crime|Cost Of Living, Population: 402,166Rank Last Year: 13 (Up 5)Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,132 (23rd most dangerous)Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,111 (9th most dangerous)More on Tulsa: Data|Crime|Cost Of Living. Profiles of some of the most dangerous places to live: #31 Centralia, Pennsylvania (sitting atop an underground fire that's been burning since 1962); #20 The Rocky Mountains, specifically Big White, British Columbia (where injuries and death occur every season); #57 Pitcairn Island (one of the most isolated islands in the world); #25 Beijing, Finally, we ranked every city on the "Dangerous Index" with the lowest index being the most dangerous in the country -- Memphis. Explore how locals live in the shadow of deadly avalanches in the Canadian Rockies, oppressive smog in Beijing and lethal mountain-quakes in Nepal. Topping the list is the city of Canton. These were (in alphabetical order) Lewisboro Town, New York; Luzerne Township, Pennsylvania; Sleepy Hollow Village, New York; Thetford Township, Michigan: and Weiser, Idaho. Visit the, With a significantly larger population of 140,427, the city of Dayton saw a total of 4,039 property crimes in 2019, down from 6,323 property crimes in 2018. Miami has the highest risk for hurricanes, lightning, and river flooding. Mar 4, 2023. But the fact of the matter is that your city may not be as safe as the city next door. Rankings were determined by 100,00 per capita stats based on 2019 FBI data, which is the most recent data available and accounts for offenses known to law enforcement. To read more about the specific types of crime reported in each city, check out the FBIs 2019 Crime Table 8 for Ohio. Learn how locals survive earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, a furnace-hot desert in Ethiopia and a cataclysmic rise in sea level in Bangladesh. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,600],'roadsnacks_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',606,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-roadsnacks_net-medrectangle-3-0');And while these places are some of the most dangerous in America, you have to remember America is a safe place to live relative to the rest of the world. Crime is costly to individual victims, perpetrators, communities and society at large. Image Source: Getty Images #7 Iraq. Episodes 72 Dangerous Places to Live 72 Dangerous Places to Live 1 rank as the safest city overall ($156 per capita); St. Louis, Missouri, also kept its rank as the most dangerous city, with the highest per capita crime ($8,457). Albuquerque may not be as dangerous as some other cities, but it ranks really high for crime per capita. Every year the FBI release two crime datasets, a preliminary dataset limited to the biggest cities in the country, followed by a more detailed release at the end of the year. Review our sorted FBI UCR 2017 data in Google Sheets. Seems like they can't find enough cops in Memphis to deal with the some of the people who make their city such a dangerous one. 72 Dangerous Places to Live 2016 | Maturity Rating: 7+ | 1 Season | Science & Nature TV Get up close and personal with avalanches, fiery volcanoes and other natural cataclysms, and learn why some choose to live in their destructive paths. PLANET EARTH IS FULL OF DANGER! All rights reserved. The country's GPI score was 3.021, making it the 9th most dangerous country in the world in 2022. Rather, make sure you lock your car when you visit. Downloads only available on ad-free plans. For a city of just 393,779 people, that equates to a crime rate of 1,324 per 100k people. Perhaps surprisingly, London was not in the top three places for high-crime areas. Copyright 2023 The Vikings, meanwhile, have a team full of young players, most of whom will return next season, including 5-star forward Isaiah Evans . It's not Memphis rough, but in a lot of places, it's straight dangerous. Violent crimes fell to 962. Go behind the scenes of Netflix TV programmes and films, see what's coming soon and watch bonus videos on. "Behind all these averages that people like to cite about the crime rates in different communities are individual people and their decisions about how they choose to engage in their community," says Jesse Bruhn, Annenberg assistant professor of education and economics at Brown University who researches education issues and inner-city gang violence. He originally worked for Movoto Real Estate as the director of marketing before founding HomeSnacks. Based on our analysis, we found that stereotype to be true: 9 out of the 15 most dangerous cities were large cities, while no larger cities (population of 300,000 or more) made the overall safest list. According to Gun Violence Archive, which defines mass shootings as any single incident in which four or more people are shot, there were 648 mass shootings in 2022 and 18 as of January 9, 2023. Be a part of it! For instance, eastern cities such as New York and Philadelphia rank far higher on the risk for tornadoes than tornado alley stalwarts Oklahoma and Kansas. At that point we can revisit Memphis's status -- that is if they haven't beaten us all up already.Here's a look at the safest cities in America according to the data:CarmelNapervilleCaryFor more reading on the dangerous side check out:if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'roadsnacks_net-portrait-2','ezslot_19',717,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-roadsnacks_net-portrait-2-0');Most Dangerous States In AmericaWorst Cities In AmericaWorst States In AmericaMost Dangerous Cities In The United States For 2022RankCityPrevious RankPopulationViolent Crimes Per 100kProperty Crimes Per 100k1Memphis, TN3650,9372,3515,5602St. Updated January 23, 2019 with infographic on the FBI source of local crime data used to develop the lists. A lot of property crime from druggies and other low lifes breaking into property, looking for drugs or money for drugs. Population: 117,503Rank Last Year: 10 (Up 2)Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,144 (22nd most dangerous)Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,104 (10th most dangerous)More on North Charleston: Data|Crime|Cost Of Living. MoneyGeek ranked 263 cities with populations over 100,000 people from most to least safe in this analysis. We then averaged the two rankings into one "Dangerous Index".Finally, we ranked every city on the "Dangerous Index" with the lowest index being the most dangerous in the country -- Memphis. Visit the. Getty While the United States ranked 16 on the list of the 20 most dangerous places to live. A visual adventure and a lesson in history, geology, science and technology, the series looks back over past events that have devastated cities, towns and villages, taken hundreds of thousands of human lives and ruined world economies.With explanatory graphics, animation, eyewitness accounts and experts' opinions, each place is fully investigated and then ranked on a sliding danger scale with a exciting countdown in the final episode revealing the most dangerous place to live.Combining startling footage and first-hand accounts from the people who have been affected, displaced, left homeless and seeking refuge, 72 Dangerous Places to Live explores human resilience in the face of devastating natural disasters and destruction, the brutal power of Mother Nature and the human spirit to survive, pick up the pieces and rebuild. Russia, with its ongoing war on Ukraine, unsurprisingly took the 4th spot with a score of 3.275. Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services and are catered to US users. Fact is, if you live in St. Louis, you can't feel safe at all. Among the most dangerous states in America, Michigan is routinely on the list. However, there will be a new data set coming out early this year. Devastation can take on many guises; hurricanes lashing the southern United States, blistering fires sweeping Australia's bushland, earthquakes crumbling cities in one bold seismic move, sink holes swallowing homes into darkness and walls of water hurtling toward island continents with such speed and ferocity that they leave no chance of escape.Welcome to 72 Dangerous Places to Live - a fascinating discovery of the world's riskiest places to live and the people who choose to inhabit them. Its that risk perception that it wont happen to me," Grimm said. Disaster experts say people have to think about the big disaster that happens only a few times a lifetime at most, but is devastating when it hits Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, the 2011 super outbreak of tornadoes, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake or a pandemic. When you think of dangerous cities in the south, Chattanooga may not come to mind first. 1. Springfield is also the nation's 9th most violent city, too. Hocking Hills State Park, located in Logan, Ohio, has 16 hiking trails and the statewide Buckeye Trail is the most dangerous trail in the park. When a prodigal son sends his family's empire into crushing debt, his estranged brother returns to Antwerp's diamond district to pick up the pieces. In addition to the cities listed above, Ohio has some treacherous trails that outdoor adventurers should be sure and exercise caution around. Stream on up to 4 devices at the same time. Starring: Mitch Ryan Watch all you want. The Associated Press Health and Science Department receives support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes Department of Science Education. Washington, D.C. ranked among the most dangerous nationwide, according to a new study. Life is downright dangerous near an old asbestos mine in Australia, in a toxic village in Peru and along the world's most polluted river in Indonesia. Like many of the states we've discussed earlier, poverty, high drug use and a lack of solid jobs are all contributing factors. Resolute adventurers brave bizarrely frequent lightning strikes in Venezuela, the mountainous Death Road in Bolivia and the perils of Mt. Memphis may just be the worst city in America in many categories. Discover what it's like to live in the United States' Tornado Alley, Australia's bushfire-prone wilderness and Antarctica's brutal cold. According to the FBI, murder,rape,robberyand aggravated assault fall under violent crime. Population: 197,688Rank Last Year: 4 (Down 1)Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,849 (4th most dangerous)Property Crimes Per 100k: 4,857 (14th most dangerous)More on Little Rock: Data|Crime|Cost Of Living. However, these cliffs are often slippery, and the many accidents that have occurred here to make this the most dangerous hike in Ohio. Washington. Found insideFascinating facts and spectacular illustrations will inspire young readers to choose which creature they think is the deadliest in this newest picture book collaboration between Guiberson and Spirin. Lexipol. Yemen came second in the GPI with a score of 3.394, at a time when the UN said it is facing one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. The best hidden gems and little known destinations - straight to your inbox. Half the crime reported in the state are in one place - Albuquerque, where car thefts are at an all time high. Life is downright dangerous near an old asbestos mine in Australia, in a toxic village in Peru and along the world's most polluted river in Indonesia. Located about an hour south of Columbus, Chillicothe comes in as the fifth least safe place to live in Ohio. In the neo-futuristic city of Lusaka, Zambia, four scrappy teen girls join a retired secret agent on a quest to save the world! Crime and safety are intertwined with prosperity, income and economic opportunity. Memphis is the largest city in the top ten, and it's also the most violent of all the cities we're going to talk about. We go a couple of states over, in Arkansas, where we visit Little Rock. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Should it? The result: one of the most violent places in the U.S. North Charleston's violent crime rate tracks at 1,144 per 100k people, with 1,345 such violations over the course of a year. At present, Celaya is considered the . But that doesn't mean the violence doesn't spill into other parts of St. Louis. He believes the key to finding the right place to live comes down to looking at the data, reading about things to do, and, most importantly, checking it out yourself before you move. Dividing the list by region for the update may provide a better understanding of the violence experience in higher population centers across a region. Other cities that featured in the top ten most dangerous cities included Durban, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa . For further details about crime data and Ohio cities, check out the FBIs Table 8 Listing of Ohios 2019 Crime in the United States. Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute. And where's the 2nd most dangerous city in the United States? Of the about 2,200 violent crime reports in Springfield in 2020, about 67 percent were aggravated assaults. Sure, most of the crimes that happen here are between rival gangs, and within certain neighborhoods. The data points presented are defined as follows: Deb Gordon is author of The Health Care Consumers Manifesto (Praeger 2020), a book about shopping for health care, based on consumer research she conducted as a senior fellow in the Harvard Kennedy Schools Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government between 2017 and 2019. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, If you need further help setting your homepage, check your browsers Help menu, the utility of the FBIs UCR data is waning, National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), violent crimes reported in the first 6 months of 2017, which cities reporting in 2016 did not report in 2017, 43 percent of law enforcement agencies are reporting through NIBRS, Review our sorted FBI UCR 2017 data in Google Sheets, Baltimore, Md., had the highest reported violent crime rateper 100,000 inhabitants, St. Louis, Mo., had the highest reported murder rateper 100,000 inhabitants, Open the tools menu in your browser. Don't completely count out New Orleans, though. BUT WHERE IS THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE AND WHAT IS IT LIKE TO LIVE THERE? Sahel Region, North Africa: Hot & Arid, But that's Not All Did you know New Mexico is also one of the most dangerous states in the country? The direct economic costs of crime to individuals and society include victim medical and mental health care needs, damage to and loss of property and police and corrections costs. The Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world for 2019: The most dangerous cities in the world, according to the ranking, were Caracas (Venezuela), Pietermaritzburg (South Africa), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), Pretoria (South Africa), and San Pedro Sula (Honduras). tucson brush and bulky pickup schedule 2022; 72 most dangerous places to live full list. Some cities, like Detroit, have switched to reporting their crime data to the FBIs newer National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), which the FBI plans to switch over to for crime reporting in January 2021. RoadSnacks is reader-supported. Mass shooting events are included in our safest and most dangerous cities rankings. MoneyGeek calculated each city's cost of crime and ranked the cities based on the cost of crime per capita. Best Places to Live Best Places to Retire Rankings Category Population Size X-Large 2.5M+ Large 1M - 2.5M Medium 500K - 1M Small 50K - 500K Average Rent < $500 - $2,100+ Median Home Price <. Other cities that earned spots in the top 20 were Perrysburg, Hudson (pictured), Berea, North Royalton, Powell, Clayton, Brunswick, Mason, American Township, and Aurora. Camden. About 80 people a year get killed in Oakland - which is about once every four days. Episodes 72 Dangerous Places to Live 72 Dangerous Places to Live A group of LA teenagers arrested in 2009 for stealing from celebrity homes inspired a media frenzy and a movie. While perceptions of safety are vital, crime statistics do not capture any city or community's whole story. While people continue to migrate from San Francisco to Oakland to avoid insane property prices, they aren't moving to avoid crime. Visit the, Ohio's fist capital is home to a population of 21,441. Visit the, A part of the Dayton Metro Area, Moraine is a small city of just 6,455 and the second most dangerous place to live in Ohio. Louis, MO1298,4222,0165,8303Springfield, MO2168,8561,5076,9514Chattanooga, TN8184,2111,3596,3565Little Rock, AR4197,6881,8494,8576Oakland, CA5437,9231,2905,1657Albuquerque, NM5562,0651,3435,0128Tulsa, OK13402,1661,1325,1119North Charleston, SC10117,5031,1445,10410New Orleans, LA7393,7791,3244,53911Cleveland, OH9379,1211,6564,07012Kansas City, MO23499,3351,5854,11913Salt Lake City, UT29202,1879227,35214Minneapolis, MN20435,1161,1544,55815Pueblo, CO20113,0021,0454,63016Houston, TX182,346,1551,2564,17817Baton Rouge, LA14219,2459514,82518South Bend, IN16102,1191,7283,66319Shreveport, LA27185,5889234,79920Lubbock, TX15262,1461,0874,10821Tacoma, WA22220,1238435,50722Dayton, OH28140,1931,0863,84523Billings, MT28110,1578524,76524Denver, CO56737,7098574,64825Detroit, MI11659,6162,1783,21026Evansville, IN64117,7471,0063,61127Anchorage, AK17286,3881,2123,44728Knoxville, TN45188,6728094,22729Orlando, FL32293,3638603,80330Columbia, SC26131,7777524,47531Beaumont, TX40116,7661,2253,30832Cincinnati, OH30304,7248923,68333Durham, NC57284,9258583,73734Greensboro, NC48299,8879013,61135Akron, OH61197,4339103,53036Vallejo, CA37122,3269903,33337Fayetteville, NC51212,0339783,40038Independence, MO55116,6486784,57639Spokane, WA33223,5245995,15140Washington, DC25712,8169573,43141Indianapolis, IN25890,6728703,56942Lansing, MI73118,6511,4313,00443Amarillo, TX54200,2968363,67944Seattle, WA59771,5176264,87245Davenport, IA72101,8067363,92546St. She was a 2011 Boston Business Journal 40-under-40 honoree, and a volunteer in MITs Delta V start-up accelerator, the Fierce Healthcare Innovation Awards, and in various mentorship programs. While the rankings may seem counterintuitive," the degree of risk isn't just how often a type of natural disaster strikes a place, but how bad the toll would be, according to FEMA's Mike Grimm. Population: 298,422Rank Last Year: 1 (Down 1)Violent Crimes Per 100k: 2,016 (3rd most dangerous)Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,830 (4th most dangerous)More on St. Louis: Data|Crime|Cost Of Living. Read on to learn more about our methodology or skip to the end for a full chart of the data with the crime rate for each city. It's in the top 5 for both violent AND property crimes in America. Here's a look at the safest cities in America according to the data: For more reading on the dangerous side check out: Chris Kolmar has been in the real estate business for almost ten years now. 138. Memphis may just be the worst city in America in many categories. The emotional impact of mass shootings is incalculable, traumatizing families and entire communities. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. OPBs critical reporting and inspiring programs are made possible by the power of member support. And have you ever heard of East St. Louis? Thank you! For example, Eagle Bend is the safest in Jacksonville, while 29th And Chase is considered dangerous by many based on recent crime stats. Neighborhood Scout ranked the 100 most dangerous cities in America, with Washington, D.C. ranking No. Despite genuine threats, Bruhn says, it may be surprising how safe people can feel in neighborhoods with high crime rates. All rights reserved. MoneyGeek omitted any cities that did not report murder and rape. Please note that 2021 data was limited for cities in California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Pennsylvania. each place is fully investigated and then ranked on a sliding danger scale concluding in an exciting countdown revealing the most dangerous place to live! We used science and data to let you know which cities have a yuge crime problem. There's an ongoing stereotype that larger cities are more dangerous. No one wants to believe that they live in a dangerous city. 72 Dangerous Places to Live 72 Dangerous Places to Live Release year: 2016 Visit some of the world's most dangerous places to live, where hardy souls coexist with tornadoes, volcanoes, pollution, radiation and other perils. Internal and external conflicts, ISIS issue, human rights violations are the factors due to which Iraq scored 3.157 on the index. War-torn Syria was placed at the third place with a GPI score of 3.356.

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