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theyre very stingy about their fashion sense and ideas, scorpio in 2nd: these people lust over money. Aquarius/11th House: There is struggles with individuality with this placement. Mars can also dominate a chart in the opposite situation: When it makes no aspects whatsoever. Healing will begin when you look deep inside and notice your true value and self-worth. Sun conjunct Mercury. 4. most of the planet in exaltion or rulership make someone special. cancer/taurus moon, moon in 2nd, moon-jupiter/moon-venus aspects, laying You also may have problems asserting yourself with others. Issues with sexuality and other intimate topics may be present. scorpio in fourth: this indicates someone whos their mommys son/princess and they get possessive over her over time more than she is over them. This energy will restore our mental and physical energy. Abundance of Earth/Water signs, especially Cancer and Capricorn. 1. Every aspect that exists has a specific influence, and some aspects have more favorable influences than what others do. Brooke Shields, for instance, was a recognized beauty even as an infant, when her modeling career began. Load and behold, my Virgo rising makes me slightly more reserved and logical. 1. this post was created by @moonianbbyg on tumblr <3 please give credits if reposting my work. The third decan is 20 degrees to 29 59'59" of a sign. This is a good time for Earth focused rituals and spells. Having Venus close within 8-9 degrees of a planet is preferable but even when Venus is in the same sign as a planet it makes this planet a money indicator. tina turner, sun square mars, married ike turner, a bandleader & producer. Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the other hand, has Venus in Scorpio, the sign of its detriment. I have Jupiter (first house) conjunct my part of fortune in an 0.0 orb. The unknown may make you uncomfortable rather than curious. Known for his silk-screened portraits and provocative paintings of Campbells soup cans (and electric chairs), Andy Warhol is also remembered for his prescient statement, In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Well, that was easy for him to say. Concentration can be a big issue as their mind seem to constantly wander into the Neptunian fantasies. (0 degrees 2 minutes). If you have Lilith in Taurus in your natal chart, WELCOME TO YOUR LILITH RETURN!! These soft aspects deepen the intimacy shared by the couple, but not in the powerful, obsessive or destructive way, like the conjunction. When analyzing a lagna chart, it is important to consider the placements of each planet as they affect the overall . A planet is prominent when its within 8 of your Ascendant or Midheaven; when it occupies an angle (that is, its in the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house of your chart); or when it makes close aspects to other planets. Most Powerful Planet In your Birth chart is one with Strong Strength in D1 and D9 Chart If its Exalted or Own Or Freindly Signs Then Its Strong Also Planets like Saturn,Sun,Mars get Stronger when placed in 10th house Also That Planet should be a Yogakaraka for you or else there will be no use Sponsored by Family & Pets It's like a super-powered Sun in Gemini without the Geminian distractibility. My Venus in Cancer may make me less likely to provoke conflict andmore reserved in love, but my Leo moon comes out when emotions such as jealousy and fear are present. However, Ive noticed my Leo traits rapidly develop the older I get. Keep up with Nikki on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Source of these subconscious patterns can be traced back to a difficult/ traumatic early life. Learning about new things and experiences will liberate you. We may show interest in socializing, traveling, being more adventurous and involving others., This aspect will make today go by very quickly. But her Venus squares Saturn, Pluto, and Mars and makes an irritating (135) angle to the Moon and Ascendant. Very strong intuition. Im into astrology, writing, and politics. This may be the case for others, too. Generally, however, your great expectations and enterprising spirit lead to success. Sagittarius/9th House: This placement may cause a lot of problems with comfort vs. risk. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Anyone can learn it. You may also struggle with the idea of who you are as an individual. Fame was his birthright. This is an easy flowing energy, and if you are planning on getting married, THIS IS THE BEST ASPECT TO HAVE A VOW OF MARRIAGE!! You may have trouble forming solid beliefs with faith, politics or philosophy. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Look to. What goes into the chart of a world-class Perfect 0 degree 0-13 minute orbs are the most powerful influence in the chart in any aspect between any Planet, outside of this, its not nearly as powerful. 2. Okay, brace yourself, because opposition can be a doozy. There may or may not be love. Originally posted by milhistoriasincreibles, This energy gives us an optimistic and upbeat approach. Everyone will be feeling eager for connection with this energy! A lack of sensitivity may have you coming off as arrogant and can push people away unless you remember to take others feelings into consideration. He can make long term plans and achieve, particularly when it comes to career. To calculate yours, I recommend Astrotheme. Has an equally fun loving and energetic dog that is adored. Sun Trine Pluto: This aspect brings courage and intuitive perception, with the desire to strip away all self-delusion so that the personality and soul can become one. Having the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ascendant, or Midheaven in the sign of the Twins encourages writing ability. theyre possessive over that one person they randomly meet that fulfills their fantasies when it comes to their dream partner and dont know how to let them go. It can bring up issues from September (when Mercury was in Libra then) and invite us to review the lessons we went through before entering intense, deep Scorpio for a second time. With this energy, some may have to do whatever is needed to be done to survive, despite external judgement. You might even crave intense situations or people but have trouble showing your true self to others. Trine You could see what the foundation of a relationship needs in order to survive. This will be electric if the aspect is conjunction. For Mercury--Neptune the truth is adjustable. ive always had an easy time just letting go of things in my life! Many people who get a first glance cant tell based on the archetypical characteristics of my sign (which I will get to in a moment). We may want to be alone with our thoughts early in the morning. example(s): tyra banks, venus square mars, has dated aplenty male models. cramping= moon-mars/moon-pluto aspects, aries/scorpio moon, moon in 8th, cravings= The Cardinal Ascendant is one aspect for inherent strength and the ability to stand alone, which is part of strength. Libra/7th House: The wounds here will come with relationships. A conjunct aspect between Sun and Mercury in one's natal chart reveals a powerful mind that grasps information very quickly. For example, I am a Virgo ascendant. If Juno is aspected by another planet, these issues may be colored by the energy of that planet. A house is powerful if it holds one or more planets, but even an empty house can be more important than it looks. However, if you want me to help you to find Jesus, that is why I am here. Plus, Pluto is in the tenth house. they usually tend to be antisocial or they seem unapproachable. These aspects make it hard to find optimism and confidence within, because they put so much burden on themselves. since theyre so used to huge attention they get possessive over it (plus 5H is a leo house so they want the attention on them only). Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Those who were born with Mars square Uranus aspect can often struggle with temper and impulse control, which can put them in potentially dangerous situations if they cant keep their explosive energy in check. Lies can be another method of escape for Neptune square Mercury. There may be difficulty in channeling productive mentality today. It is 0.04 degree apart and off the Asc by about 3 degrees. This placement is associated with headaches and other pains dealing with the head. You may have feelings of worthlessness or struggle with your identity. I've always thought that the orb for "combust" was smaller. Ali has a tenacious Mars in Taurus conjunct the Midheaven. the closest friends they have might mean a lot to them and they could be possessive over them! When I look at myself, I think I embody everything as a Leo. And, sure enough, shes got some Leo going on: the Moon and the North Node in the eighth house of sex and other peoples money. You may find yourself changing your mind often. Do not attack others during this time, especially without provocation. What makes this a hard aspect is that when it is in conjunction with the Ascendant (aka outward persona), Chiron pain becomes the most noticeable. Vesta (4)- -Vesta is not soul mate, per se. Where do extraordinary qualities come from? ~Activity in Scorpio and/or the eighth house. While aspects such as sextiles and trines grant us harmony and flow- harsh aspects like squares and opposition can indicate what we are struggling with, and how we can work with them. In my youth, it showed as impulsive arguments and biting remarks. Its often the side of you that surfaces in social situations or environments. You can even feel like your opinion does not matter or will be ridiculed. This aspect may cause tension and forceful idealtion of opinions and ideas. interestingly enough, scorpio is intercepted in my chart so it doesnt actually rule any house, and i dont feel possessive over anything. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. They indicate enhanced sensitivity and a strong intuition. erratic/unstable In their early and adult life, they are usually faced with a lot of challenges and obstacles, so they seem to put more effort than others in order to succeed in life. Such a solitary planet, unhampered by other planets with competing agendas, operates without interference and can consequently be the strongest influence in a chart. You may put everybody elses needs first in a way that is detrimental to you. Optimistic & feeling good. Geminis are known for multitasking, and people with this placement simultaneously pursue different interests. sarah jessica parker, mars conjunct uranus, married to matthew broderick, close friends have commented saying,(they) call them `the wacky young Lunts' and that they are very irreverent. Thus, Earth is our frame of reference, the center of the birth chart. This aspect also gives us easier access to our intuition to help us better navigate our lives. You can only separate 90 degrees so far until its not a square anymore. It also shows in that I can not stand to have a puzzle unsolved. Multiple planets in 2nd, 8th house. Orbs which are 0 degrees within 13 minutes of eachother are extremely powerful, whether it be for good or bad. If Mars promotes athletic ability, Venus amplifies beauty, particularly when it is: ~Conjunct the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon, the Midheaven, or the ruler of the Ascendant. Just curiously, would you consider this as Neptune combust? It refers to formations in the same mode (cardinal, fixed and mutable) and of the complementary elements (fire and air . Expect problems with regards to siblings and your father. This native may show his power in career. This would be Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. With those who were born with natal Moon square/opposite Pluto, there can be an obsessive focus on accumulating power. Growing up, home was an intense and unsafe place. they hate finding out about their loved ones problems.. and have a need to fix them. Thats because Leos long to be on top, and theyll happily put in hours make that years of overtime to achieve that noble goal. Youll learn which high school clique represents them (Pisces are the cool art kids), who would get eaten first in a scary movie (Gemini, obviously) to how each sign prefers to say I love you (for Taurus, its with good food). In this part, you'll read about a comparison of two individuals' natal charts. moon in 7th. Venus enters its home sign of Libra bringing friendly, kind, and extremely personable influences. So, expect a double dose of uncovered circumstances exposed.) mars-sun aspects = yourmale partners are in a lead position, partners who closely identify with being masculine, could have a competitive partner. Healing will come when you begin taking accountability for your misgivings, own your natural leadership abilities and focus on a small group of tasks at a time rather than getting lost in the long list of to-dos. mars-saturn aspects = attracted to men who are paternal or reminiscent of their fathers, older men, men who are aloof, dedicated to their career. People dont see my super sociable, charismatic, and wild Leo side until they are past first impressions. Perhaps you are obsessing over the idea of success but not doing what needs to be done. Planets that are conjunct or square the Ascendant within 5 degrees (and preferably less) are among the strongest planets in the chart. ~By planet: A prominent Venus and Neptune quicken the aesthetic sense and the imagination. Things often do not go according to plan and effort may be lacking. Angelina Jolie, whose very name advertises her prettiness, has Venus closely conjunct her Ascendant. Conjunctions to Venus are the most powerful indicators. You may be digging for internal security and creating your own standards. The pattern resembles the letter T when viewed in the chart. That placement is so common among the authors I admire that Ive started to wonder whether its actually an advantage. Similarly would an almost exact sextile be more powerful than a loose trine? Cardinal Ascendant This would be Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. men who are believers, excessively expectant or simply excessive. Copyright [the-year] [site-link] | This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Since everything is felt on an extreme, they can be easily hurt. You may find yourself second-guessing thoughts and words, as well as your speaking habits. However, these traits are not true to yourself and they are a bit of a show. Planets conjunct the Ascendant? Healing will come with realizing what is truly missing instead of attempting to fill that space with empty things, as well as learning effective budgeting and money-management. Conversations could reveal the truth or shine light on a subject that needs to be looked into further. since the eight hoes deals with sex they dont easily let people have sexual relations with them - but once they do they want to make themselves unforgettable. These aspects often manifests itself as intense and destructive emotions. 2. Scorpio is subtle and incisive. In the following sections, I reveal the astrological secrets behind great gifts. Since your Mars is conjunct with your I.C. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can have a poorly aspected Jupiter which means other planets make bad angles with it and change its positive energy to something less positive. Those who were born with Sun square/opposite Saturn aspect in their natal chart can be extremely critical of themselves and others, due to their high expectations. If you don't already have your natal chart to compare as you read through this article, you can use this free tool to create your natal chart. the thought of sharing them with anyone else makes them see red, scorpio in third: scorpio in the 3H people usually let their emotions depend on the popularity/recognition they get at school. As an adult with Venus square/opposite/inconjunct Saturn, they may may take on more obligations than they should in relationships. With two major celestial bodies in the same fixed water sign of Scorpio, this energy can reveal hidden aspects in our personal relationships. But luckily, these people are very determined, so they hardly give up. Where is Saturn causing your limitations and lessons? Modern astrologer. Alternating between silly, sweet, and serious, this book is filled with deep dives into the mind of everyone whose birth chart you can get your hands on. -TripleAqua Natal Chart Interpretations, Tarot Readings , Holistic Healer, Crystal Healer scorpio in our chart shows what were possessive over, scorpio in 1st: scorpio in 1H can indicate that a person is very self protective. mars-pluto aspects = attracted to a man who embraces plutos private/mysterious nature, potentially destructive fellas, men who are force to be reckoned with, exempt from superficiality. Neptune conjunct the ascendant . mightve been catcalled in the past since their body language draws attention to them easily! Healing will come when you let go of the control and allow room for error, as well as making time for yourself without setting the bar so high. Sun transits happen approximately every month. Likes wearing red. With square and opposition aspects, intense sexual energies are also . It will not bring a lot of drama to your life and is often one of the easiest aspects of astrology you will deal with 3. Guess what? Once the stellar aspect turned on, their connecting lines will be . You're likely a relationship-type person and attract them on a regular basis. Abundance of Taurus and Sagittarius. If you have a schedule for the next two days, you may as well throw it out because personal freedom is going to be at high levels. Ive been reading and observing astrology for almost five years now. You may need to look past your own stubbornness to see the truth of the issue. When I began studying astrology, I heard that two specific degrees often showed up in astrologers charts: 25 Aquarius and 25 Leo. Gemini rules education, so isnt that interesting? Being born with a heavy planet such as Pluto on IC often represents a difficult/traumatic upbringing. Emotions like this are when you see your intuitive side which is all your moon sign is. That would be shown by other parts of the chart. This can cause accidents and injuries. they might even be the type of people that are against getting surgeries and are very opinionated. (See Lesson 9: Aspects in Astrology) Most important aspects to look for: Take immediate notice of conjunctions to any of the four angles (this means conjunctions to the Ascendant, M.C., Descendant, I.C. linda lovelace, mars quincunx saturn, infamously married to chuck traynor, 12 years his junior and horribly oppressive. theyre very jealous people who envy others but know how to hide it well, they start feeling a sharp pain in their chest when they see someone theyre not close to succeed.. but people they actually love or trust, they will hype them up like no one else for sure! Uranus square Pluto from 2012 to 2015 was the most significant and most challenging planetary influence in a generation. Indicators of Being Tech-Savvy in the Natal Chart, Indicators of Being an Extrovert in the Natal Chart, Indicators of Self-Confidence in the Natal Chart, Indicators of Being Good with Money in the Natal Chart, Indicators of Bad Handwriting in the Natal Chart, Jupiter-Uranus aspects (particularly in air signs), majority of planets in southern hemisphere. This also points to being uncomfortable with what you enjoy or feel. That means, even though we realize the Sun does not orbit the Earth, the Earth is at the center of the human experience. When they experience a real or perceived betrayal, they may choose to shut themselves off from others and struggle with trusting again. Why is Paris Hilton a celebrity? Nor is it her wealth (although her second house of money is loaded). Pisces/12th House: This placement can affect your sense of wonder. A house is powerful if it holds one or more planets, but even an empty house can be vital. Confidence may retreat in the face of a challenge. their partner showing them they actually care for them makes them act psychotic over them. There is likely a fear of change and a deep sense of insecurity. With natal Chiron conjunct Ascendant, there is a deep rooted insecurity that causes them pain. Some parts do but not really. Strong planets will be the same as the 10th house (see above). Pluto Conjunct Venus Synastry is a powerful and intense aspect in relationship astrology. You may feel guilt when caring for yourself. example(s): halle berry, mars conjunct jupiter, has dated several men of varying ethnic background. ~A well-placed Jupiter. The trine between the Moon & Sun creates an energy that emphasizes on our intuition. Dont mess with them, if you dont want to be UNDER the mess with their foot on your head. He was adorable and a warm fuzzy until he had to fight for his family. These aspects can indicate a love that lasts forever. Almost as though you are only here to care for others and you are not as important. If not, Id still would like to Thank you as it helped me learn. The Sun and planets do not circle randomly around the Earth. This placement can cause you to be overly critical of yourself and others. With both Venus & Mercury entering Libra within minutes apart, a break from any negative astrological transits should be in order. they always want to look the best, their style is unique and they hate being copied.

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