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The buzz at court was that his barrister had urged him to plead guilty, but he wouldn't listen. By Anthony Elder, The band headlines the Cleveland winter festival for the second time in eight years. But, a precocious talent, eh? Kim Meffen. That was the goal, she said. The two in turn recruited three other musicians. Local rock legend Michael Stanley through the years. Were they big names? The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. But it was the bands 1984 performance in the stadiums parking lot that set the record for the largest free outdoor concert in the citys history. He said, I dont want to see anybody. I said, Im not anybody, Im me. They hung out for three hours and listened to what they had done. But he knew there never would be time for that. He was a regular visitor over the years, very plausible and charming and ingratiated himself. After bursting out of Cleveland with hits like He Cant Love You and My Town with the Michael Stanley Band, he had a career as a WNCX-FM Cleveland DJ and TV personality, set local records for concert attendance and so much more. Just opening the envelopes and unfolding the clippings took a good couple of hours while reading or scanning the clips was interminable. Michael Stanley poses for a photo on June 2, 2000, in Cleveland, Ohio. Comment. Nov 1, 2022 02:36 CIA director on Putin's draft and nuclear threat In an interview with Norah O'Donnell, CIA Director Bill Burns discusses Russian President Vladimir Putin's nuclear threats as. The two had gotten to know each other during Stanley and Skinners courtship and marriage. Was this our original Kim or another one? He passed away March 5th, 2021 after a battle with lung cancer. Despite Stanley saying he was no longer able to distinguish between a good song and a bad song, Szymczyk drove to Stanleys home to play him the master CD. Theres only, like, five songs left, and then Im done. Sary, meanwhile, says its the first time her father, unusually, did not give she or her sister a copy of the album in advance. I had no idea whatsoever what was going to happen after that.. In May 2003 Rigelsford appeared in court accused of stealing 56,000 photographs over an eight-year period from the Daily Mail/Associated Newspapers picture library in Kensington after being arrested at his then home in Brampton, a small village west of Huntingdon. So did a lot of other people. Nothing ever came of it for 99.9 percent of the people. The film disappeared into development hell, or worse. Heres a look back at five of Stanleys most memorable shows. That moment kicked off a 50-year career for the Northeast Ohio native thats stood the test of time. Genower had a showdown with him and realised he and the magazine had been conned. Genower contacted Rigelsford and an appointment was made. What did this suggest? As an adult, I wish Id been older and appreciated it moreour nights at Blossom [Music Center] were just some of the best memories when it came to his careerrunning around the pavilion during soundcheck, falling asleep backstage after the show. (Incidentally, John Cougar, future Rock and Roll Hall of Famer but then just a rocker from Indiana with an easy, natural kind of energy, she noted, was the opening act. He also performed at the ceremony. I thought, This is just a great gig! The Plain Dealer ran this review of a Michael Stanley concert on Aug. 27, 1982. Also other data will not be shared with third person. A few days later I phoned the TV Times and was put through to the editor, Peter Genower. A sack the size of the Ritz?). That life of anonymous domesticity might have continued if Stanley hadnt fought with his boss and lost his job in 1974, four months after his twin daughters Anna and Sarah were born. The hardest part about that was it was making him very emotional, Powers says. Michael Stanley doesnt tell this story to many people. 2015-2021 Copyright Best Classic Bands. I think the fact he has one final album is such a gift for everybody, especially the fans., Weighing in a 15 tracks and 77 minutes, recorded primarily at Stanleys home studio in Cleveland, Tough Room is nothing less than quintessential Stanley, blending a singer-songwriters earnest assessments of life and society with wry humor -- complete with historical references (10th century French Queen consort Eleanor of Aquaitaine, Anton Chekov), and in the case of the chugging rocker Im Pissed, a bona fide anthem for that guy who screams Get off my lawn!. He always jumped into new songs right when he would finish mixing in this case, [it was] 2017s Stolen Time, says Powers, who also doubled as Stanleys studio technician and equipment repairman. I could have just paid everybody when we played some nominal amount and kept all the rest, Stanley says. I phoned Sheppard. Simon Callow, Joss Acland and Brian Blessed were scheduled to appear in it. Michael Stanley and Mike Belkin backstage at Blossom Music Center on Aug. 23, 1981. The Royston & Buntingford Mercury - ditto. I've known Michael Stanley now for somewhere around 30 years and was very happy when he agreed to do this interview at Blossom Music Center on the occasion of the Michael Stanley Band reunion. But at the same time, what are you losing by doing that?. What fans wont find are songs dwelling on mortality or in any way referencing Stanleys health issues; Tough Room was, in fact, largely written and recorded before his latest diagnosis, according to Szymczyk. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Telegraph magazine - STANLEY TUCCI Cover & Interview (16 January 2021) at the best online prices at eBay! The jury was unanimous in finding Rigelsford guilty and Judge Deva Pillay's comments were unsparing: "In my judgment you are a thief, a cheat and it seems to me, on the evidence I have heard, a man lacking courage." Stanley found the last phone number he had for her, called it and left a voicemail message. The court rejected this. But, who knows, perhaps Stanley had done this as a special favour? Hough Bakeries Will Rise Again. Ive already heard everything, he told Szymczyk. At 71-years-old, Stanley doesnt know how much longer he can keep being the Michael Stanley weve known onstage for the last 50 years. He always was a poet at heart. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Growing up in Cleveland in the 1980s, Michael Stanley was the biggest rock star on the planet as far as I knew. ", There was a long silence and then Genower said,"You realise you're impugning the integrity of a well respected magazine? Lots of people do. Rigelsford could have written better lines for me than this. A girl or a bloke? He was remarkably philosophic about his position in the public eye. Elsewhere, there were question marks hanging over supposedly "last" interviews in the Carry On book. Skinner returned the call, flew in for a visit, and a long-distance romance eventually began. Interview with Michael Stanley 21 June 1991 11,049 views Jun 12, 2011 138 Dislike Share Save VidMag Media 740 subscribers I've known Michael Stanley now for somewhere around 30 years and was. Michael Stanley worked on his final album, Tough Room, as he battled cancer in 2020. No interview had ever taken place. His music was played throughout, with a display set up inside the Rock Hall, with artifacts from his career. CLEVELAND (WJW)- Devastating news for music fans in Cleveland. I came across a book by Rigelsford in a second-hand bookstore in Rochester - Carry On Laughing: A Celebration, published by Virgin in 1996, a hastily put-together scrapbook of a volume with lots of illustrations. Stanleys drummer, Tommy Dobeck, singer Jennifer Lee and guitarist Danny Powers were in Cleveland, with Bob Pelanders keyboards recorded in Las Vegas. The sudden passing of Cleveland rock legend Michael Stanley in early March came as a huge shock to his fans. He then made the trip from his North Carolina studio to play the finished tracks for Stanley one last time. 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. Another fan replies, "He did an autobiography, Adrian Rigelsford: My Struggle With Lies. He always said, I didnt have plans to be a frontman. He just wanted to write great songs, Sary said. It was a great conversation and really one of the best interviews I've ever done, because he's always so easy to talk to.In fact, that was one of the many things we talked about, along with MSB holding record sellouts at both Blossom and the now long-defunct Richfield Coliseum, the run of shows at the (also) long-defunct Front Row Theatre, his long recording career, the many great musicians he's played with over the years, meeting John Lennon and the 'perils' of recording Beatle songs, being a television correspondent, MSB's popularity around the country, the recording industry, Michael's accessibility to the public and how much he likes talking to his fans and a whole lot of other things.I've always enjoyed talking with Michael, and this occasion was no different. Gotta another good night, no rain, Stanley said, surveying the sold-out crowd, which stretched as far as you could see. The only way to resolve this was to get a copy of Adrian Warwick (sic) Rigelsford's birth certificate. Someone asks, "Was Adrian Rigelsford there conducting interviews for his next book?" Michael Stanley represents a connection to a broader audience that is well beyond our fine-arts community, says Alenka Banco, Cleveland Arts Prize executive director. Sites:, Wikipedia,, Aliases: He remembers amusing himself for hours at a time, often by playing the eclectic mix of records his disc jockey father Stan Gee brought home from then easy-listening station WGAR. Not till the last 10 seconds, maybe.. I reread the article. Im going, Thats Skinner! "It's about the interview with Stanley Kubrick that you published at the beginning of September. The Sammy Glick figure forever on the verge of the Big Break, no more morality than is strictly necessary, constantly hustling, chasing chimeras, talking up deals that evaporate at the 11th hour through no fault of their own. Some of it sounded like Stanley, but if indeed this was Stanley, he was firing on a single cylinder. The Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs' Association named Oshkosh Fire Chief Michael Stanley the 2021 Chief of the Year. He performed with his bands Michael Stanley Band and The Resonators (2) . Did Rigelsford and Meffen really think they would get away with it? Never. I was sunk. He was considered totally trustworthy. Powers the lead guitarist in the Michael Stanley Band and The Resonators got a call out of the blue from Stanley, who announced he was coming over to Powers Sagamore Hills home.

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