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Mexican drug cartels also convert wealthy Chinese nationals' Renminbi (RMB) to US dollars at a lower rate than the prevailing market rate. Seven of the defendants are considered fugitives. ", RELATED: A mom lost her son to an overdose. His Sinaloa Cartel is one of the worlds most prolific, violent and powerful drug cartels, moving billions upon billions of dollars in marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine, the U.S. Justice Department reports. LOL, the Zetas were saying don't bother kidnapping those two, they are so stupid their families wouldn't want them back. DENVER Authorities on Wednesday announced the indictments of 30 people who are accused of being members of a Denver-based drug trafficking group with suspected ties to a Mexican cartel, according to officials and court documents. Drug cartels are extremely well-organized, well-financed, efficient, and ruthless. This organization is alleged to have moved large amounts of meth and cocaine from Mexico to Colorado, with devastating impact on communities in their wake. I can buy a pound in texas for 300 to 400 and bring it to MN and sell for 1000-1500 and thats where all the shit brick trees go, Mexican drug cartels are getting into the game of hydroponics. Seven of the defendants are considered fugitives. The drugs were kept in stash houses in Aurora, Colorado, before being distributed at a local grocery store. On Aug. 25, an undercover agent called Jorge Escamilla and had a conversation about "hides and traps in vehicles" before, the indictment says, the conversation turned to Rivera-Beltran. FILE - In this Jan. 8, 2016 file photo, a handcuffed Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is made to face the press as he is escorted to a helicopter by Mexican soldiers and marines at a federal hangar in Mexico City. Drug seized by authorities in a years-long investigation. Jalisco New Generation Cartel is the only Mexican cartel that uses New York City as a major hub. The Treasury sanctioned eight Mexican companies accused of being involved in a timeshare fraud scheme controlled by one of Mexico's most infamous drug cartels. The notoriously violent Jalisco cartel has responded to Mexico's "hugs, not bullets" policy with a policy of their own: the cartel kidnapped in mid-May 2021, several members of an elite police force in the state of Guanajuato, tortured them to obtain names and addresses . Federal agents seized a slew of drugs in the case, including about 400 pounds of methamphetamine and 15,000 fentanyl pills a powerful synthetic opioid that were disguised as prescription oxycodone, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Denver. In addition, two related defendants were identified and arrested after the indictment, the district attorney's office said. Albertacos did close briefly after funds were seized, but it has reopened. That same day, agents confirmed the car was in the woman's address in Phoenix, Arizona, according to the indictment. Marijuana also, according to NYTimes, is their cash crop Contests & Promotions, 2023, Pikes Peak Television, Inc. Colorado Springs, CO, USA, Special Forces soldier who never quit to receive Medal of Honor nearly 60 years after grueling firefight, DOJ ramps up its allegations that Texas is judge-shopping in cases against Biden, Germanys Olaf Scholz to meet Biden on Friday after transformative year, Woman pleads guilty to threatening Michigan 2020 election official. At least 10 different "target telephones" were monitored over the course of the investigation, according to the indictment. According to the DEA, Mexican drug cartels continue to expand their presence and forge partnerships with other transnational gangs, U.S. street gangs, prison gangs, and Chinese money laundering organizations. Even back before the break of the war, US gov was warning against going there. Kaitlin is a public safety reporter with a focus on investigations. A friend dedicated a post to Mata with a photo of him holding a rifle and the name of the criminal organization spelled across under its initials. In 2017, 16-year-old Nathaniel Czajkowski was shot to death in Albertacos while eating with three friends, two of whom also were shot. The WORST care homes in England: Interactive map reveals the lowest-rated 2,530 residences - so is An intelligence report obtained by TV Azteca indicated that Wilberto Mata, one of the five young men killed by soldier in the northern border city of Nuevo Laredo, was an alleged member of the Cartel del Noreste ( Northeast Cartel), Gustavo Surez, an American from San Antonio, Texas, was a purported member of the Northeast Cartel, according to a Mexican intelligence report. They've inspired songs and telenovelas. Please keep your comments respectful and relevant. He told the informant the trap cars he ordered were not ready and had to be redone. Mexican drug cartels are leading suppliers of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other illicit narcotics to the United States. RELATED: DEA seizes more than 110,000 fentanyl-laced pills, issues 19 indictments. "And that's extremely scary.". Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) is the youngest of the top 6 Mexican drug cartels. Seeing a growing market, Ted Daniels started the company and uses ex-military and law enforcement to provide security for the stores' money and supply shipments, and the growing operations. Antonio Ortiz said Rodriguez needed to make up for money that was previously seized by law enforcement, the discussed losing trust in Escamilla, discussed "almonds (believed to be fentanyl pills), and Rivera ended the call by saying he would bring up four more boxes of pills and to kilos of heroin, according to the indictment. Replicating this kind of aggressive law enforcement take down is critical to breaking the backs of these criminal organizations.. Click to see the list of top 5 cities that are crowded by Mexican drug cartels. "CJNG's rapid territorial expansion is characterized by the organization's willingness to engage in violent confrontations with Mexican Government security forces and rival cartels," as in a 2015 incident in which CJNG gunmen downed a Mexican military helicopter, as well as more recent cases of grisly displays left behind in Tijuana. The following items were discovered when investigators searched the Kearney Street address, according to the indictment: According to the indictment, that Corvette was the same vehicle driven by Rivera-Beltran during the two drug deals with undercover officers, according to the indictment. as well as other partner offers and accept our, NOW WATCH: This is how Mexican drug cartels make billions selling drugs, an offshoot of the Sinaloa cartel around 2010, violent turf wars in several areas on Mexico's west coast. A cellphone of Jose Aguilar-Martinez, who purported to own the unregistered wholesale distributor El Potosino Foods, had significant contact with suspected cocaine distributors in the city and in Pueblo and was linked to Guzmns and Zambadas trafficking, the complaint says. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel is known to be the dominant drug cartel in both California and Colorado. They go by nicknames like "The Little Queen" and "The Missus.". In a conversation with Beltran-Beltran later that day, Rivera-Beltran said that things were bad and the police had gotten Jorge Escamilla and his brother Antonio Lorenzo Escamilla on their way to Arizona, according to the indictment. On Aug. 31, the indictment says, the same confidential informant called Rivera-Beltran again. Four soldiers were placed under arrest Thursday for the murder of the five men. A wiretap order was signed for Padilla-Romo's phone number in May, and agents learned that he was negotiating drug deals with multiple individuals including Luis "Chilo" Jacob Zytacua, who the indictment says also negotiated the purchase of guns. Troopers located the box and found about 728.8 grams of heroin, about 2.32 kilos of several pre-packaged blue 30-milligram fentanyl pills and about 32.3 grams of meth seized from Ernestina Montoya, a passenger in the car, according to the indictment. Five minutes later, the indictment says, Trevizo called Tarango-Rodriguez and told him he had arrived. The violent and powerful Sinaloa cartel forced the Mexican authorities to surrender and hand over El Chapo's son Ovidio Guzman. Daily Briefing CJNG continues to be the Mexican TCO with second-most widespread national influence. True, its a little weak but I'm grateful to the volunteers at BB.As far as the pentagon spending goes you're preaching to the choir. The cartel invests substantially to ensure that the right people are in key positions so as to further their objectives. Zytacua had a source named "Jessica" whom he spoke to about AK-47 rifles, drugs and working with people from Nayarit, Mexico, according to the indictment. On July 20, the indictment says, Tarango-Rodriguez began discussing a drug deal with Martin Ivan Trevizo, and decided on a carport at 6600 Kearney Street as a meeting location. The organization also predicted. DENVER (AP) - The U.S. Department of Justice says two Mexican cartels are active in five Colorado cities. In case of a tie, we rank the city with more powerful cartels higher. During a two-year investigation spanning several states, federal agents and the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Joint Task Force recovered more than 123 pounds of methamphetamine, 500 oxycodone. But, according to the most recent report from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Sinaloa cartel and traffickers affiliated with it still control the lion's share of the US market for illegal narcotics. POLL: How will the Rockies fare this season in the NL West? Escamilla gave a trooper permission to search the truck and said there was only money in there, the indictment says. Jonathan Aguilar did not survive after he was struck in the temple. In a traffic stop of one suspect in January, investigators seized about 1,000 fentanyl pills that were hidden in a vent inside the vehicle, according to the complaint. Despite its name, the Mexican Mafia did not originate in Mexico, and is entirely a U.S. criminal prison organization.Law enforcement officials report that the Mexican Mafia is the deadliest and most powerful gang within the California prison . "Legal businesses will likely see a rise in extortion attempts while law enforcement will see a lot of backdoor deals being made.". The Sinaloa cartel is the oldest cartel. The locally grown hydroponic or high grade weed has not even slowed the Mexican weed sales? Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. He reportedly operated under the aliases of 'El Gus' and 'El Baby Syko.'. Los Zetas Cartel is also the only Mexican cartel that uses Laredo as a major hub. Surez, who hours before the incident had learned he was going to be a father for the first time, was shot 12 times and died. A lot of "somebody's" are buying this stuff cause the shipments keep coming and the dollars keep going to the cartels? (AP). This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. A sixth shooting victim, who was wounded and is fighting for his life at a local hospital, also belongs to the same criminal organization. In addition to more than 110,000 fentanyl-laced counterfeit pills, the DEA said it seized numerous other drugs and weapons. Escamilla then had a conversation with Nancy Vargas, and told her he had a suitcase/bag in his house that she needed to remove, as well as guns and money, according to the indictment. Wow, cross and walk down the streets of Nuevo Laredo as everyone there stairs at you. The Flores brothers admitted to smuggling at least 1,500 kilograms of cocaine for the Sinaloa cartel into the US every month between 2005 and 2008. The car was eventually picked up by Rivera-Beltran after an unsuccessful attempt by Guadalupe Ortiz, and they both drove to Dallas, Texas, arriving on Sept. 18, the indictment says. or redistributed. The 21-year-old was driving the pickup truck that crashed into a parked car after he refused orders from the military to pull over. As the smoke settles from the first week of legal marijuana sales in Colorado, experts are warning that sanctioned pot dealers could become targets for the very folks they put out of business.

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