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Rhodey utilizes the tech well, but its far from perfect. I will answer to you with your words to make you understand me better. Same Thor couldn't tag Thanos! How? The Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU) is an American media franchise and shared universe centered on a series of superhero films produced by Marvel Studios. How is this calculated ( INT^1.3 + (STR*0.5 )^2 + (SPE*0.5)^2 + DUR^1.6 + (POW + (SPS*SPL))^2 + COM^1.8 ) ^ TIER Super Power Score and Level Opens up several dimensional rifts in the earth that levitates some of Thanos' troops before having tendrils drag them down and sealed inside, Without the stones Thanos would need plot armour to beat strange. Star Brand 8. That's your opinion.And even if we were to assume she was, if she tried to restrain Thor with TK, she would get hit by lightning. The gap is unspecified, and that would be a hypothetical Scarlet Witch, who has actually mastered her powers, unless you believe that she's been stronger than the sorcerer supreme since she was a child. While going through varying levels of strength throughout his appearances, Groot remains apowerful member of the team. After she gained her conscience, she simply destroyed her! Thor never performed something like that, even when he was about to die! Pietro Maximoof was introduced alongside his sister Wanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron aspoliticalactivistsenhanced by Hydra, which resulted in Pietro's development of super-speed which made him an almost unstoppable threat. Strange. Tony Stark actually got two huge upgrades in the Ultimate Universe. Why didn't Wanda use tp in Civil war, or against Thanos to save Vision? She is slower than Thanos' blade on Atmosphere. All the stones are similar in nature. But it didn't reversed after Hex is gone! 4. He has great maneuverability, but against someone from another planet, that isnt going to do much. War Machine --> Attacked her from behind when she was completely focused on something else, Iron Man --> That shit doesn't even on-screen, and we don't know Wanda surrendered herself to make things easier and less complicated, Proxima Midnight encounter 1 --> I don't why you bring this fight, Wanda stomped Proxima, ragdolled her even in close combat. Again, still don't even reach that number! He fodderized literally every spell of Strange, and he only blocked BFR options with the stones. That would be very risky! at unknown speeds, but considering he's supposed to be the physically strongest character, i don't see how that's an anti feat. Secondly show me a single anti feat for speed that guy has. It was when The Watchers defeat madethe latter assemble the Guardians of the Multiverse that Ultron was outnumbered and defeated. all mcu character Tier List Maker - TV Shows / all mcu character all mcu character Press the labels to change the label text. including Better telepathy, Reality Warping, Controlling her Astral body without losing her conscience! Would someone with mystical powers like Doctor Strange be the most powerful Avenger in the universe, or would someone with nearly limitless brain power like Tony Stark take that title? Thor never summoned lightning with his thoughts. He could have been one of the most powerful villains if he had chosen to unleash more havoc. Because she showed other powers she never showed! Still very very inconsistent unlike Wanda's feats. which needs physical contact with his shield. Lie! The All MCU Movies and Series (MCU) (2023) Tier List below is created by community voting and is the cumulative average rankings from 2,437 submitted tier lists. On his own, he established himself as among the most powerful Marvel characters overall. His lack of ranged attacks and flight is the only reason she could beat him. ago. This resulted in his neural tissue being distributed throughout his body, turning him into a super . Quicksilver was. Wanda aka Mary Sue is God Tier. This version of Ultron took hold of all the stones and could do whatever he wanted to, resulting in the destruction of all species in his universe and his subsequent trip into other universes. Thor never summoned a lightning with his thought, and if he could he could save his brother from Thanos, or save himself from Maw's cage? Winter Soldiers expertise in all sorts of equipment, combat, and his metal arm make him a great asset to the Avengers. Yes. 3. I'm not trying to. You can view movies and shows in one place and filter by streaming provider, genre, release year, runtime, and rating (Rotten Tomatoes, Imdb, and/or Metacritic). It initially seemed as if he could simply watch until The Watcher engaged in a battle against Ultron across the multiverse where he held his own. He also lost against guys like Ebony Maw even when he has time stone. Mid tier - As mentioned Ebony Maw should be higher, so should be Corvus who beat Vision, and Loki with stone/gungnir who rivaled Thor, and Iron Man who rivaled Thor as well. I don't understand why do you put Ronan, who can bust a planet with one touch below him, he should be definitely above him. Since when do you need to physically hurt someone to beat them? The Marvel Cinematic Universe spans an incredible 22 films and has been around for over a decade. I never said he did. Which doesn't work with thought speed, and he actually need to lift his hands, which is enough for Wanda to react! Can you hear yourself! Reality warping is part of her power set and shes more power than the people youve listed. The MCU Spider-Man displayed never-before-seen powers where he was able to defeat Doctor Strange by overcoming the Mirror Dimension and escaping his astral form. Cull wasn't actually killed or even KO'd with that step, we later see him fighting alongside other Thanos troops, and just overwhelming Cull temporarily isn't anything impressive at all, considering Spiderman did it on several occasions, and you've put him in mid tier. If we look at slow motion, Wanda is not creating a force field before fire shows up, and she creates the ff the moment fire shows up, pretty much says, she reacted to the fire's speed! Agent, Pepper PottsWears Her Own Suit Of Armor As Rescue, Star-Lord Has Advanced Alien Tech And Element Guns, Rocket Racoon Is A Brilliant Weaponsmith And Pilot, Monica Rambeau Gained Untested New Abilities As Spectrum, Ant-Man Can Change His Size To Become Giant-Man, The Wasp Has Size-Changing Tech, Wings And Blasters. Ultron showed why Thanos pursuit of the Infinity Stone was such a clever plan of his in MCUs Phase Three. 0. mcu main characters tier list Agatha could move up a tier with the other sorcerers. Scott Lang is agile and knows how to get around in order to steal things, but he wasnt that impressive until he was given the Ant-Man suit by Hank Pym. But Scarlet Witch simply used her own power to reality warp Agatha! First Firmament 7. You're clearly to blinded by your bias to see what i wrote. 10 MCU Characters Whose Futures Are Inscrutable What possible plans does Marvel have for Starfox, Clea, Dane Whitman, and the rest of these guys? All I said, is that by feats Strange has numerous ways to beat Thanos without the stones. Why didn't Dr strange cut off Thanos's hand with a portal? Wanda is a glass canon, with plenty of abilities, who will likely be deserving of God tier in MoM, but as of now she doesn't have the feats., 10 Most Powerful MCU Characters Of 2021, Ranked, 10 Quotes That Prove Hawkeye Is The Best Avenger In The MCU, 8 Mistakes From The MCU That The Hawkeye Disney+ Series Couldnt Avoid, Hawkeye - 8 Burning Questions About The MCU The Disney+ Series Finally Answered, 10 Biggest Differences Between Sandman In The Spider-Man Movies & Comics. I don't care about Dr Strange. She sneaked on her! She's just not god tier. I'm not lowballing, I'm just not blinded by speculation and rumours like everyone else. Ultron has telekinesis just like Scarlet Witch PLUS many other superpowers. . Beyonder 5. Still not close to the calc! What! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Don't misquote me! You guys are blinded and can't see on-screen feats. They are also not projectiles! If I didn't, I guess you are the wrong guy here. Again Thor's lightning hasn't bothered Thanos, what would be the point? Held back by having the worst movement in the game, as Cap can only run,. He also demonstrated skills with other weapons like a katana when he adopted the Ronin persona in Endgame,though he also has to rely on his cleverness and wit in order to win a battle. Are you referring to that one scene in a trailer? Very much fair! As of now the only "reality warping" Wanda has done was inside the hex. They all either attacked her from back (War Machine, Proxima) or they caught her off-guard!). Then there's the fact he is so slow in that form that legitimate high tier like Vision could clearly toy with him in the airpirt figh. Like a few of the Marvel heroes, Sam Wilson is just a regular guy. Especially in combat, she is even slower than that speed. RELATED:10 Quotes That Prove Hawkeye Is The Best Avenger In The MCU. Stranges powers were such that he protected all of the Guardians of the Multiverse from Ultrons powers, eventually sealing Ultron and Killmonger in a casing that only he can overturn. And we can see from video, we saw the blade for at least 0.50-0.75 seconds, so time is definitely not shorter than that! If you are denying on screen-feats, of course I'm right to think you are hating her! First of all, thanks for using my template Good to see people noticing it. I guess I agree with the others mostly. While Scott Lang has landed into the superhero role quite nicely, Hope Van Dyne seems almost born for it. Come on now! Check out our other Marvel & DC Universe tier list templates and the most recent user submitted Marvel & DC Universe tier lists. Not the same thing! I know, but your hate about Wanda is unnecessary, since Wanda is pretty much one of the least overrated characters in the MCU, especially when Dr. Updated on May 1, 2021 by Scoot Allan:As the MCU has continued to grow and develop past the close of the decade-long Infinity Saga that culminated with 2019'sAvengers: Endgame, new characters have been added that have challenged the previously held rankings. Yes he does. it's applicable if you really want and not say inconsistency. Very fair! The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American media franchise and shared universe that involves productions of superhero films and television series. In Orson Scott Card, Andy Kubert and Mark Bagley's Ultimate Iron Man, it was revealed that due to an accident, Tony's genetic structure was changed in the womb. All the stones are similar in nature. Scarlet Witchs fragile mindset was the only thing that held her back, as she could have done extreme damage if shed wanted to. And we are debating Wanda and Dr Strange not Thor. I already included that! Mach 2.3 = 788 meters per second! it's the opposite. RELATED:Marvel's Avengers: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game. Beating Thanos doesn't necessarily make her more powerful than him. Very good list, I agree with the %90 of the placements, here the ones I don't agree, they are all on God Tier. So given some of the new movies and connected series on Disney+ that have continued to introduce new powerful characters, it's the right time to take another look at some of the most powerful MCU characters to see who comes out on top of the rankings. It will be interesting to see if she can do one better when she shows up for her spin-off in the future. What? You can't measure speed by whether or not you see them. Pov you didn't watch Wandavision, she was literally opening the hex and closing at will during the final battle, straight up warped Agatha, and has already shown transmutation on base level. With the release of Eternals it's time to talk the MCU. They are not even FTE, and Thor's fodder asgardian friend dodged 3 of them, Valkyrie also dodged millions of them. From the chaos magic of Scarlet Witch to the legendary abilities of Shang-Chi's Ten Rings, MCU's Phase Four brought incredible power in the year 2021. But even if we put aside this, Wanda can use her TP much better, and from a much longer distance! He has displayed enormous potential with his powerful abilities and his own self-designed high-tech suit,and he's still only a teenager. 4-5 times slower than the slowest bullet speed itself, the blades Hogun dodged! However, his lack of focus and tendency to go his own way as Teen Groot prevent him fromre-achieving his true potential. She has a lot of focus and knows her way around a sword, which makes her an invaluable member of the team. If you don't mind, I want to show you how long these distances are. He's clearly a high tier. Again looks like they traveled 20-30 meter in 1 second, which is fodder! A decent list. Theres probably no character more overpowered than the one who absorbed the forces of other beings. TV Shows / MCU character tier list . Very much agreed! -We know Alioth is intangible for guys like Ego & Surtur so he should be definitely higher, he consumes everything he touches and his only weakness is his mind, that's why he should be above very weak cosmics like Surtur and Ego, especially Surtur, since he is not even energy user like Ego, so %0 chance for him. This site uses third party cookies for analytics and advertising. Thanos definitely needs 6 stones to face with Dormammu & Celestials. Dr Strange has plenty of feats. Otherwise, all he had to do is just look at someone and think of lightning! No! Strange Supreme did just that, having taken in the greatest magical creatures and sorcerers to enhance his abilities, where it resulted in the destruction of his universe except for him. They were defeated on occasion, but the fact that the Loki variants were successful in taking down He Who Remains is a testament to their skills and abilities. Can you read? Pretty much plasma weapons and things we saw in Star Wars universe, which usually travels between Hypersonic and Light speeds! Ego, who couldn't tag random fodders, and Ronan, who can't bust a planet without killing himself belong in the same tier with Celestials and Universe buster Dormammu, or even funnier, you think Watcher and WI Ultron, who can affect multiverse with his punches should belong to the same tier with Ego and Ronan, that's also inconsistent!! Some other weird choices here are definitely the non-Strange sorcerers like Wong and others. Wanda factually has shown nothing to prove she should be that high. I'm not talking about Strange, I'm talking about Wanda. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff: Dead, having sacrificed her life to grant Hawkeye access to the Soul Stone. RELATED:Marvel's Avengers: Every Boss In The Game, Ranked. Drax can send people flying with a single kick and plow through enemies like they were made of paper. I don't know why these tier lists keep disrespecting her. We don't know the context of that trailer feat, or if that's even Carol. Furthermore, his suit hasnt had nearly as many upgrades, which puts a damper on hisupper levels when compared to other armored heroes like Iron Man. Also, I don't see why opening a hex is something impossible for her anymore. He could do the same thing against Thanos. Never said she was a slow fodder, just not fast enough to control. RELATED:5 Best Marvel Fighting Games to Play (& 5 Worst to Avoid). @nassergrant19 . Just like how Wanda creates the red force-field around the fire with the same speed they were created which should give her MHS+ speed which is either way outlier. Because Agatha who is below Wanda performed the same thing already before hex. She accidentally made the hex, which she wasn't even aware of for a while. The Disney+ series finally convinced fans that MCUs Loki is a misunderstood character, with Tom Hiddlestons variant taking the lead role. Share your Tier List. She still do. If that's all it takes to be a team buster, then both Kurse and Hulk should be teambusters, because they've achieved the exact same feat. With a host of trick arrows, he can pick just about anyone outof the sky. And that attack was BFR, which I already mentioned! Eternals (2021) Chlo Zhao's Eternals is not a film that frustrates because it misses an obvious target . Complete with several enhancements to her body, she was one of the most dangerous fightersin the entire MCU. MCU Character Power Tier List 66 results 1 2 #1 Edited By Arexii 11 months ago #2 Edited By heiqn First of all, thanks for using my template Good to see people noticing it Very good. Rocket isnt very strong, but if he proved anything in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. He isnt durable nor is he super strong. Have you watched Thor Ragnarok? She forced the entire city to do the same thing in AOU, but pretty much she never made them act like they are living a normal life, and pretty much gave them a daily life routine for each! The franchise also includes television series, short films, digital series, and literature. God tier - Is fine, but far too vague. Agreed! If you are ignoring all of these facts, and act like street-tiers beat her in actual combat, then I can also say Thor is below these guys! X = V.t 50/0.75 = 66M/s = 147 Mph 50/1 = 50M/s = 111Mph Still below Subsonic (609 MPH)! She can just crush Thor like a trash can the moment the fight started if we go by serious feats. Agatha is also immortal, in that she cant die of aging, as shes over three centuries old. 2-) Not even Director himself is sure, Dr. Black Bolt has either no feats, or we are relying on comics. (TIER LIST) 5,237 views Sep 4, 2021 165 Dislike Share Save Film Stocked 7.49K subscribers Here is my tier ranking of all of the MCU Heroes! No haven't. I said, I don't see any single way to beat Thanos without BFR, and you said I'm biased! List of some Bottom Tier champs who got balanced buffrecently: Magneto (Both), Venom, Spider Gwen, She Hulk, Luke Cage, Red Hulk, Carnage, Punisher 2099, Falcon, Gambit, Ultron, Diablo, Mole Man, Kingpin, Venompool, Angela, Nebula, Thor Ragnarok, Crossbones, Odin, Bishop, Hawkeye, Spider Man (MM), King Groot, Black Panther, Joe Fixit, Vulture, 2. The following is an overview of our Tiering System. Street level - Sorry, but Iron man 2-1 and his villains are not street level. So today we will not only be exploring who the strongest Avenger is in the MCU, but well be ranking allthe main MCU characters from the weakest Avenger to the strongest Guardian of the Galaxy. @kevinforgod: Except none of these guys beat her directly, only attacked her from behind, which is not our topic. The MCU has since introduced weaker heroes, but Hawkeye is still just a human with a bow and arrow. Doesn't look like pretty much inconsistent with his entire appearance in the entire MCU! Again, what makes you say that? Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff played by Aaron Taylor Johnson Marvel via YouTube Who? His greater show of strength was when he made a mockery of Ultrons attempt to destroy the universe they were in, as Strange took the explosion and consumed it. Director statements, don't mean much especially if they contradict what's shown on screen. They are not even FTE. Whether a redeemed villain, a hero put through the wringer or a mercenary who tossed aside their previous line of work to fight with the good guys, here are the MCU's best character arcs (so far . While Pepper Potts has been a part of the MCU sincethe beginning in 2008's Iron Man, she never played a larger role in the superheroics until she was previously enhanced by the Extremis virus in 2013's Iron Man 3. GO WITH ONSCREEN FEATS NOT HEADCANON. it's not actually. Iron man in the Avengers also solod a leviathan and you've put him in mid tier. He has mastered those wings well and even has a useful drone to fight at his side, but his lack of proper armor and superpowers makes him a bit underwhelming in the presence of the rest of the Avengers. "Speculation and rumors", it's literally canon that she's above the sorcerer supreme, could've solo'd Thanos (who was dealing with the big three), and has her chaos magic/ reality manipulation powers, what more do you need lol?. He also attacked her from behind! Same with the leviathan feat. Report RESET RANKING RESET TEMPLATE SAVE/DOWNLOAD TIER LIST But it's the same logic as yours! RELATED:Marvel: 10 Best Video Games, Ranked By IGN Score. Because she can read minds with her thoughts! Secondly. Which she can stop easily? Strange 10 Spider Man 11 Wasp 12 JARVIS ADVERTISEMENT 13 Black Panther 14 Vision 15 Scarlet Witch 16 Star-Lord 17 Gamora 18 Drax 19 Rocket Raccoon 20 Groot ADVERTISEMENT 21 Yondu 22 War Machine 23 Pepper Potts 24 Falcon 25 Winter Soldier 26 Coming off The Avengers and returning straight to standalone stories with the odd nod to Thor and Captain America was a tricky ask, but Marvel went for broke with what will likely be the last Robert Downey, Jr-led outing. You just stated about Maw beat Dr Strange with time Stone and Concluded that Wanda will beat him too because of thatScarlett Witch was also beaten by Hawkeye in Age of Ultron, by Proxima midnight, War Machine in Civil War. - Time Stone Dr. Personally Ant-Man is one of the most rewatchable movies I've ever seen. Other Lokis, including Sylvie, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, among others, all had variations in their powers of magical illusions and outright sorcery. It took Iron Man + Thor + Vision firing at the same time to defeat Ultron. Apart from freelance writing, Saim is a lifestyle blogger, co-owning the blog 3 States Apart. Draxs determination in battle often sends him rushing into the belly of the beast, unafraid of what sort of dangers may await him. Wanda fanboys truly are delusional. Alexi. She manipulated everything inside the hex, nothing outside. The year 2021 was significant for the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the series returned after a two-year hiatus due to the impact of COVID-19. Perhaps the black sheep of the Avengers, Hawkeye has had an interesting legacy. Not only is Nebula highly trained along with her sister to become the deadliest woman in the galaxy, but she is also a cyborg who is capable of self-repair and has enhanced strength and abilities to further increase her standing among her teammates on the Guardians. However, he does lack any sort of serious combat training and is a bit impulsive, not always thinking before he acts. Only giant blades scale to supersonic speeds. Processing. But a fair debate requires same assumings! He was beaten by Ebony Maw, and he needs 10 seconds to stop time, which is more than enough to get one-shot by any of these guys. it's anti-feat, because you brought Captain Marvel like she can blitz in FTL speeds just because she can fly. Bruce Banner's attempt to bring her back to life along with the dusted folks is a failure.. Even slower than Thanos' blade itself! Like her partner, she also makes effective use of her sizing technology, throwing massive salt shakers and Pez dispensers at just the right times. Especially if you put people with far more impressive powers and better feats like Ebony Maw in mid tier.

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